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Knitting Ministry

The Knitting Ministry, also known as the Prayer Shawl Ministry, has been active for over twenty years. We knit and crochet shawls for women and lap robes for men with the intent to knit God’s love, care, and compassion into each one. As they are hand-made, they members of the knitting ministry are praying for healing, love, and peaceful minds for those who will be the recipients. Once they are blessed, they are sent to anyone whom will benefit from our gift. We have twenty active knitters who meet about five or six Sundays a year to knit and bless completed shawls.

If you would like for a loved one to receive a prayer shawl, please contact the church office. It is not required that the person requesting, or the recipient, be a member of Hunt’s Church. We are knitting and crocheting for all of God’s children. Blessings to you, from the members of our ministry.

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Mission Highlight

We have knitted and delivered many shawls to recipients at times of death, illness, and joy – births. They are given to anyone in or outside our church and serve as a reminder that the Hunt’s Church family is praying for them. Several such ministries have been started across the country. The letters of appreciation for the shawls indicate how much comfort and joy they bring to recipients.