Casserole Ministry

The cooks of Casserole Ministry are committed to preparing great, homemade casseroles for several non-profits including Martha’s Place, which provides transition housing for women with drug and addiction issues; the JACQUES Initiative, an outpatient treatment program for people dealing with HIV-AIDS; and Earl’s Place, which provides housing and services for homeless men.

Once a month, Hunt’s volunteer cooks make the casseroles in their own homes, freeze them, and then transport them to Hunt’s for subsequent delivery to the non-profit recipients. The women of the Women’s Fellowship Breakfast invite all interested cooks to join the mission project.

Recipes are published on this website or in the church newsletter or cooks can choose from a selected list.

Mission Highlight

It is so great when we collect 15 casseroles in one month! Many thanks to all of you who take the time to prepare. It is much appreciated. Let’s try to break our record with a challenge goal of 20 casseroles. We collect the casseroles in the Hunt’s freezer. Please contact Beth Woody in the office or Samantha Moritz if you have any questions or for more details.