Safe Sanctuaries

We love kids! That’s why at Hunt’s Church, we have policies in place to make this a safe place for children, youth, and vulnerable adults to experience the love of Jesus. Our Safe Sanctuaries policy outlines these procedures in detail. While you can read the full policy here, this webpage is designed for quick access to the most common forms you’ll need. These policies apply whenever children or youth are in our care, away from their parents or guardians.


All volunteers (and staff) are required to complete these 3 steps:

1: Volunteer Application

If you’re a brand new volunteer, this application helps us get to know you. You’ll have the chance to share more about your gifts and how you’d like to serve through Hunt’s Church. You only need to complete this once.

2: Safe Gatherings

All volunteers and staff must complete the Safe Gatherings process once every 3 years. This process provides the church with a criminal background check and two references. It also provides the volunteer with training for spotting and preventing child abuse. Use the instructions below to complete the entire process online.

3: Annual Questionnaire

Each year, volunteers and staff must complete a brief questionnaire affirming that they have no history of misconduct or experiences that would make them unsuitable to care for children. You can either click here to print the form or complete it online by clicking this button:


Here are the two forms you will need most often:

Annual Health & Permission Forms

Do you lead a ministry that routinely takes children or youth off the Hunt’s Church campus? Have parents fill out these forms once per year to provide health and general permissions. Make sure you also obtain specific permission for each outing using the Event Permission Agreement Form.  

Event Permission Agreement

Planning to take children or youth off the Hunt’s campus? Make sure you have parents/guardians complete this standard permission form. Please note that you may also need to obtain additional authorization from parents, depending on the nature of the event. 

Incident Report

Did something go amiss? Did someone share an experience of abuse or harrassment with you? Use this form to immediately report it. The completed form will be sent to the Pastor and SPRC chair.


Are you hoping to hold your event on the Hunt’s Campus? If you’re caring for children, youth, or vulnerable adults, you must complete these two forms prior to your event: 

1: Review the Policy

Hunt’s Church does not permit or allow any abuse or harrassment to occur in the workplace or at any activity sponsored by or related to it. We require all outside groups to review and sign this policy on an annual basis. The policy includes a requirement for all such groups to attest that all those who work with the vulnerable have been screened in a manner comparable to the screening conducted for volunteers and staff members of Hunt’s Church.

2: Agreement Form

Before holding your event on the Hunt’s Campus, you must complete the Indemnification Agreement Form linked below. This must be completed once and is a standing agreement.