Worship - This Month at Hunt's

January & February Sermon Series:

Year of YES!

Sunday, Jan. 1, we will kick off our Year of YES sermon series which will lead us on a journey through the bible and explore moments were people put their faith in God and were led to extraordinary things. This year, let’s learn to enthusiastically say “YES!” to God’s call, whenever and however it comes. Are you ready to take the next faithful step?

Sunday Worship Schedule

January 1st: Year of YES!
January 8th:
YES! Before You’re Ready (Moses)
January 15th:
YES! When You’re Scared (Jonah)
January 22nd:
YES! To Bold Dreams (Joseph)
January 29th:
YES! In The Struggle (Jacob wrestles)
February 5th:
YES! In The Struggle (Jacob wrestles)
February 12th:
YES! To What God Sees (Jeremiah)
February 19th:
YES! To God’s Call (Samuel)

Lent is Almost Here!

We will update this page in the next few days with our Lenten Ministry. 


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