COVID Safety

COVID Task Force

Your COVID Task Force has recently met and reevaluated policies due to new facts and circumstances.

This plan was developed by the Task Force through extensive discussion and consideration, with the goal of having consistent, coherent policies that keep the mission of our church in focus. While the colors do not correspond to any other organization’s system, this plan will give us a roadmap for how to adjust restrictions as COVID spread waxes and wanes.

We are currently in the PURPLE Level

as of 3/1/22.

Approved 2/3/22 by the Reopening Task Force.

Details on the current situation:

Back to Normal In-Person Worship

We have two services, 8:30am and 10am. Our 10am Sunday Worship Service will be livestreamed to YouTube at 10am. After the initial livestream, it will be available on YouTube on demand.

All Ministry Resumes In-Person

All scheduled ministry may take place in-person, inside, at Hunt’s Church.

This includes Lent Ministry. 

For the time being, we will continue to use prepackaged communion, and eating in doors will be limited. 

    Common Sense Precautions

    • We continue to ask that you and/or your household STAY HOME if you or a household member have or have recently had COVID-like symptoms.
    • Unvaccinated people who work with or mentor the children/youth must continue to mask
    • We will continue to have extra masks on hand at the check-in area
    • Communion will continue to be served in pre-packaged format until further notice
    • We will continue to ‘contact trace’ until further notice

    We will continue to watch the data, and we will be responsive should the percentage of cases increase in our area

    Have a question that we didn’t answer here? We’d love to tell you the answer—or come up with one! This new plan delegates decision making to our talented church leaders:

    Worship or Music Ministry
    Worship Committee Chair Barbara Anastasion

    Reopening Task Force Barbara Anastasion

    Committee Meetings
    Church Council Cathy Junkin

    Community Groups 
    Board of Trustees Co-Chairs Rusty Erdman and Kelley Huebeck

    Children & Youth Ministries
    Education Co-Chairs Kathy Davis and Jody Waters 

    Church Office or Staff
    SPRC Chair Jim Foster

    Want to learn more about our COVID policy?

    If you’d like to know more details about this COVID policy, the complete chart is available in the church office for anyone to view. If you have any general feedback or questions, please contact us. We want to serve you and serve our community well, by first doing no harm while we seek to do good and stay in love with God.